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Strength & Conditioning

Weights & ConditioningLimited Spaces!

Starting in October 2019, we have linked up with Swansea Strength & Conditioning to be able to provide our athletes with high quality training at low costs. 

Athletes will have access to one hour of coaching sessions a week on a Wednesday between 1pm-3pm and a plan to follow later in the week as a group or on their own. 

To join in on training, please contact Bradley Tenuata (Track & Field Captain) or Conor Smith (XC Captain)

Circuits and Physical Preparation

These sessions are designed to support our middle and long distance athletes (but all are welcome), who do not need as an intense strength and conditioning workout as our power athletes. These will be a mix of weights, circuits and plyometric training to ensure our athletes have a strong core and speed base to help them over those final hundred metres. 

These sessions will also include physical preparation exercises from Welsh Athletics which focus on how athletes can improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance. These exercises will also reduce the chance of injury. You can find a full guide to the exercises here

Days and Times: To be confirmed

Titans & Toot

For all you lovely socialites out there, we will be running our famous (or infamous) Titans and Toot sessions every Friday. This will be organised by our crazy Social Secs who love to train then recover at the calm and peaceful Tooters Spa and Resort. 

Basically.... Meet at the indoor track, 6pm Fridays, for a killer conditioning workout and then down your protein shake before getting dolled up for a unofficial club social at TOOTERS!!

Club Training

Constitution Hill

IT IS BACK!! The most hard and fun training you will ever take part in. If you ask any athlete about their club experience, they will definitely mention Constitution Hill. 

We will be organising a great session on this hill in October to get your legs ready for a season of tough winter training. 

Keep an eye on our facebook page for more details. 

Sand dune training

If you've not trained on them then you need to start now! Sand dune and running on the sand is less pressure on the muscles so less chance of injury. It is has been proven to absorb some of the energy from your foot strike instead of pushing you forward, and forces you to activate more lower-leg muscles to stay upright, effectively strenghtening the legs.


We will be organising a huge event in the autumn for the whole club where we will do relays along the sand dunes at three cliffs bay. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more details.